Σε απόθεμα

Shom RV Elegance is made of the highest quality materials ensuring the highest comfort and safety for every child.

The material of the gondola and stroller is antiallergic, coated with a UPF 50+ coating that provides protection against the sun. The material is waterproof, yet allows the right amount of air to pass through, ensuring comfort of use inside the stroller. In addition, it has a mesh window that provides a view of the child as well as additional ventilation if necessary.

The Shom Rv Elegance stroller has an extendable, spacious shopping basket, allowing for convenient transport of the necessary products and easy delivery.

An additional advantage is the highest quality gel wheels with an anti-puncture system, which absorb vibrations caused by uneven surfaces during walks. Each wheel is individually suspended, which ensures high driving stability and unparalleled comfort for all children.

In the walking version, we have the option of setting the seat position under different angles with one touch of the hand.

Swivel, removable and trimmed with the highest quality eco-leather, the railing can be unfastened on one side or completely removed by pressing the release button.

This stroller is entirely designed by top Spanish fashion designer Roberto Verino. Which ensures a timeless style and unquestionable elegance!

Technical data:

Weight of the deep walking version – 14.2 kg

Weight of the stroller version – 13.4 kg

The weight of the rack itself – 10.5 kg


Since birth

The gondola has a comfortable, anti-allergic and breathable mattress, made of high-quality technical materials, which guarantees the child’s rest and safety. The waterproof material on the mattress prevents liquids from penetrating.

This includes a washable cover with a mesh of interlocking layers that allow liquids to remain in the bottom layers, keeping your baby dry at all times for maximum protection.


For six months

The wide, reversible seat can be used in both directions, allowing your child to walk freely while looking at their parents or exploring the world. The reclining system can be easily adjusted in various positions with one hand. It has a harness with five attachment points and a foldable armrest with leather stitching that rotates 360 degrees so it won’t interfere with the retrieval of your baby.


Roberto Verino